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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bigger than the great depression

Gerald Celente is one of the worlds foremost trend analysts, a common guest on CNN, CNBC and often quoted in print media as well. Among his previous predictions are the 1987 stock market crash, the dot com and housing bubbles and the current financial meltdown, so he's not the average crackpot "sky is falling" kind of guy, when he sees panic stuff does goes bad. His current vision for the U.S. over the next 4years is even worse than mine, James Kunstler’s and nearing those of the average MAD MAX wanna be.

Even more bizarre he was allowed onto FOX to give this interview. You know when real possible crisis’s are more sensational than imaginary right wing fear mongering crisis’s the shit must be getting too high to ignore any longer.

Of course FOX spun this as the evil that will happen because of Obama, yet I've heard Celente state these things would likely happen previously without any mention of Obama. You can't expect too much from FOX can you?

I would venture that if he’s correct the next boom will be in self storage establishments converted in hostels. On our side of the border fences and patrols to keep AWBs(American wet backs) from sneaking in may be our new reality.

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Peter Dodson said...

I'm not sure what was more disturbing - his words or the fact that the interview as held in a bar. F'in Fox News.

Theresa said...

Pretty astounding to have this on Fox, that's for sure. Hopefully this will wake up the segment of the population that watches Fox. That would be a good thing.

(Maybe it was in a bar because they were getting a head start on drowning their sorrows?)

Anonymous said...
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