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Thursday, May 8, 2008


A little vid showing a nearly free heat supplement for your home. I have been looking at and lusting at these units for a couple of years but have yet to see any Government or independant review of this or other similar products.

What do you think?, it apparently costs about $2500 + instalation

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Catelli said...

Looks interesting, but I do wonder, if roof mounted, how do you get the hot air down to the lower levels? There's a reason the furnace is in the basement.

It may work best for a bungalow, but how much heat would be lost forcing it down two levels in a two story home? Would any usable heat be left?

Anonymous said...

There are kits from some similar manufacturers that use the furnace fan to dispurse the heat. After all as long as it gets into the house virtually free you just have to move it around. Push it into the cold air return and put a timer on the fan, some furnaces have the option of being wired low speed use.

A less costly 2 story application would be do nothing, my second floor always colder than the main floor where the thermostat is so the added heat would be welcome and the cold air return would suck some of it up without any extra plumbing

This is simply an add on that won't work for everyone not a home heating solution, still every bit helps.