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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garage sale blogging

The season is upon us!
Unleash the hounds! find those bargains,

For years I just ignored this Saturday ritual of routing through other peoples junk as a waste of time but about three years ago I started going to the ones on my street just to be nosey. I could not justify driving around wasting gas just to hit a large part 40-50 sales that might take place in Newmarket/Aurora on any given weekend but I now plot my morning chores and hit any sales between me and my end goal.

Today was not my best by day, that was the first summer I started scrounging and I only scored 1 item, a $60 Kelly camping kettle for .50 cents. It was something I always wanted in LeeValley Catalogue but could not justify it.

The vast majority of time I come home with nothing or maybe just a few books for the kids but today was one of those days where 40 minutes and 5 close sales brought me a reasonable haul for just a few dollars.

$2 for 2 pair of brand new oven mitts - can't have too many of those

$1 two new but really lame ass warm and fuzzy type books for the kids to give to their grannies- and they'll love it

Free, one ugly strand of brown beads the oldest wanted to buy for his mother.

$2 large unopened Scooby Doo Puzzle- 3 ft long

$4 for 4 Steve Jackson Games, never opened retail $25 each - good power free entertainment for the long emergency- or possible $1 Christmas gifts,

$1 for a full case of small mason jars- we might need to can our neighbours after the shit hits the fan and everything goes Mad Max.

Everyone got something all for $10, Happy days.Recommend this Post

1 comment:

Pale said...

We buy very little new. PC stuff, and underwear, personal items are my main holdouts. (we also recycle and re-use stuff we take out of PC's.)

Thrifts, Junk and garage sales, and the classifieds are where we look for things we need first.

Our house is not a showplace obviously. It's a home. :)