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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm in the Wall street Journal , too cool!

As some of you may know I also blog the Canadian Silver Bug a site dedicated to my belief that fiat money is a sham and that money should be either asset backed or actually be made of something of value not just dead trees, ink and hope. I also firmly believe we are heading for a heap-o-pain as the U.S. flounders through a housing, debt, and banking crisis of Weirmark Republic proportions.

The end game I believe is a a world depression with the U.S. suffering hyper inflation allowing my small pile of precious metals to appreciate enough to where I can buy a hobby farm, live out the Long Emergency in relative comfort and have all the relatives and friends that have dissed me working as my share croppers. (yes I'm slightly bitter and vindictive)

Now I'm sure none of you really give a rats ass about any of the above, so I'll tell you the cool thing, Today the Wall Street Journal actually linked to one of my articles relating to citigroup bail outs the danger posed by inaccurate rating agencies and nearly bankrupt bond insurers. While they did not delve into this topic, the mere act of linking to me gives me some hope that I'm not just wasting my time. When you see the future I see it and your a Green as well, hope is a valuable commodity.

PS. The Canadian Silver Bug is nominated for best business/finance blog.

friday morning 7:50

Damn they buried the link, oh well I was someone for 12 hours
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1 comment:

Val said...

You're still someone to us! Being linked to is pretty darn cool. How did you find out about the link?