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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is public transit an essential service?

It happens once every couple of years, citizens of major cities who have been encouraged to use public transit through claims of convenience, efficiency, environmental benefit or who are just too damn poor to do otherwise get held hostage by the likes GO or the TTC who threaten to strike.

In an age of global warming, smog, crowded roads and peak oil I think it's time we should open a debate on the status of public transit and whether it should be classified a essential service. I believe in collective bargaining, I belong to a union and despite the idiots who always take things too far, get away with too much and abuse the system they do have a role to play.

I also believe that reliability is one of keys to building a sound sustainable transit system. As long as transit can be disrupted over labour disputes there will always be a reason to build more and more roads, and a disincentive to adopt a car free lifestyle.

So is public transit am essential service? I'm certainly leaning towards thinking it is.Recommend this Post

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Tim Webster said...

If transportation is an essential service. Than Public transportation is an essential service for everyone who does not own a car or is otherwise unable to drive.

As a result it seems pretty obvious public transportation is an essential service and needs to be handled as such.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of public transportation and not building spread out suburbs is essential to reducing cost. Suburbs are not built for people, they are built for cars.