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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

An ethanol, must read article!

The Green Assassin Brigade searches far and wide looking for deserving victims, this includes searching the Mining and Energy news sites looking for people responsible for bulldozing Appalachian mountains for coal, constructing faulty leach pads which poisoned rivers with arsenic etc.

Once in a while we also find good articles on topics that don’t get to the environmentalist sites because of their bias against the energy and mining sectors. This is one such case. The writer in question Ronald R. Cooke is not a denier or an industry mouthpiece but a well researched follower of resource depletion. His rather long and detailed article; What Is The Real Cost Of Corn Ethanol is must read for anyone with a interest in Peak Oil, Green house emissions, world hunger, poverty and inflation. Please have a look.Recommend this Post

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