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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Australia 1 Canada 0

The Green Assassin Brigade congratulates the government of Australia for banning the incandescent light bulbs by 2010. Despite Australia’s adamant refusal to accept Kyoto this one law will reduce their greenhouse emissions by 4 million tonnes by 2012. Why then has Canada, who signed the Kyoto protocols done nothing over the last 14 years?

It would be a simple task to pass such a law in Canada and it’s doubtful that anybody but the powerful light bulb lobby and a few libertarian knobs would even complain. So why is nothing done?

It’s obvious to me that this kind of law leaves no opening for white papers, committees, or other cushy jobs for insiders therefore is of no value to the current crowd in Ottawa. This is so obvious and so easy a fix that it makes me sick that our “leaders” cannot make the leap and do something concrete today.

Elizabeth May, please come save us.

This also means the Green Assassin Brigade has to totally rework our list of who goes up against the wall when the revolution comes. I don't need that extra work, arrggg!Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

All the conservatives can think of is ban this and ban that. The problem is that you cannot always use compact fluorescent lights. For example, in a toilet room where the light is turned on for a short time it would be less efficient. Fluoros don't like frequent turning on and off.

Instead, I think they should run an advertising campaign to educate people on reducing emissions. Hot water, heating and cooling use 80% of household energy. Why not give interest free loans (paid through the tax system) to install solar hot water?

GreenAssassinBrigade said...

They've been advertising these things for years and still they only have less than 20% usage, The bulbs don't cost as much as they use to and people should know by now that they save their value and are good investment, but for some reason are still reluctant.

The new bulbs have very good balasts that don't mind on/off usage. They have all shapes and sizes, and ones that work well in the cold so there is not real excuse. I won't throw out good incandesant bulbs but as things burn out I replace them with CFs. I admit that I still have a few old vanity bulbs and I hope LCDs become available before they burn out.

Incentives are not out of line for bigger improvements but the economics show that solar water, solar air heaters etc will pay themselves off even with borrowed money and interest, so it's not the cost that's stopping people but an old mindset. A incentive program or free loans will will speed up acceptance but there will always be those unwilling to do the right thing.

I don't thing incentives will work fast enough and bulbs are a cheap effective fix that won't be too expensive for people to invest in now.