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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Child labour should equal a Commonwealth Games boycott

I think its disgusting that India's Commonwealth game venues have been built in part by child labour. Call me nuts, but I believe that under no circumstances should a 4 year be digging ditches for electrical cables and other menial chores on a 13 hour shift, yet this is happening at the Commonwealth games . This is not some small dark sweat shop hidden from prying eyes but an illegal act practiced openly at the venue for an major international sporting event funded by their own government. If this can happen in plain view what does India condone that we cannot see? I'd toss countries out of the Commonwealth for less than this.

So I ask you, why are we legitimizing a country that allows child labour by allowing our athletes to compete at this event? Should our athletes feel good about walking on a gravel path made from the stones crushed by 4 year olds with hammers? Even without the child labour issue, the construction and hygiene standards on site are proof India is not ready for prime time and no one should be surprised if a building collapses, a balcony falls off or numerous athletes fall sick from the conditions. India does not deserve to host these games and I hope this issue is brought forth the next time they bid to host anything.

I know that there are many crazed sports people out there who feel that Canada's international prestige is simply based on the performances of our athletes but that is a total crock.
Canada's international standing should not be measured by how fast we swim or how high we jump, but rather on doing the right thing for the right reasons and boycotting India's Commonwealth games over child labour is the right thing.

Contact your MPs, Sports Canada, Team Canada's corporate sponsors, the press and the individual sports federations and demand our athletes stay home.Recommend this Post

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Skinny Dipper said...

I do hope that Canadian athletes have ethics when they go to sporting events to compete. Gone are the days when tobacco companies advertise for sporting events.

I would hope that the athletes consider that the success of the Delhi Commonwealth Games are dependent on child labour. By competing in the games, the athletes contribute to the continuation of child labour.