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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make an easy $100k, Prove Obama has the right to be President

There is still a fair bit of fuss going on about the birth status of Prez Obama, as LaDaro posts this morning.

A goodly number of these anti Obama wingnut’s don’t believe the Hawaiian certificate of live birth is valid enough proof because it’s the less acceptable short form rather than the longer full birth certificate. The argument being that if this short form is not good enough identification to use on a passport (which it apparently isn't), it certainly can't be good enough to support his right to rule.

Other’s Obama critics claim that the reported dual citizen status of his birth father or Obama’s own possible dual citizenship in Indonesia invalidate his claim on the white house. His apparently senile granny who claimed he WAS born in Kenya certainly did not help the cause.

Here’s an entire archive of articles questioning his status if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Despite an unanimous resolution by the House of Representatives stating that Obama is "natural born" some of these guys just won't give up. Jason Hommel a silver analyst, who constantly mixes his hard money advocacy with libertarianism and scripture is actually offering $100k for anybody who can definitively prove Obama’s “natural born’ status

Since Obama is inviting people up to the White House to have a beer and discuss their differences I hope he digs up the definitive proof, calls up Hommel and tells him drop by and bring his cheque book. Even better tell him to bring the $100k in silver.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you know what a "resolution" means before you ridicule people?

It's a piece of paper that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the eyes of the law. It's something people get when it's John Q Public day in any city in the US.

It's just one more thing to cause you folks to go SEE.

Do you realize you folks who make fun of people are even funnier because you don't know what you're talking about??

Anonymous said...

ps. You didn't even get the name of the alleged "birth certificate" aka digital image correct.

It's a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. (COLB)

Not CERTIFICATE of live birth.

Which is the name of the actual birth certificate.

And Dr Fukino has never even mentioned let alone vouched for that COLB - only what she has seen.

You've also not mentioned the $1M BO could make if he presented his actual birth certificate.