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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Debaptism, what will they think of next?

Have you ever wanted to offend your overly religious, in your face In-laws? Have you ever wanted to get back at your mother for those endless Sunday sermons you were forced to sit through? Well the National Secular Society in the U.K. has just the thing for you!

So if someone else made a decision to indoctrinate you as a child into a faith you don't believe in, you now have the option of proclaiming your release with the purchase of your very own Certificate of Debaptism.

Now I don’t really get the point of buying a certificate when your words should be sufficient to set you free, if you feel the need. But considering that some people are willing to attached weights to themselves in an attempt to recreate a foreskin just to correct a past decision made on their behalf, I suppose there must be a market for this service beyond just annoying people. Mind you annoying people is usually enough for me, but I generally don't pay for the privilege!

Mmmmm, I’m often so ashamed of us as a species I wonder if I can get a certificate removing myself from the human race? Maybe I should design one and charge other people for it?

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Glenn Hubbers said...

LOL. After being raised Catholic and leaving all that behind many years ago, I've long asked the question, "How do I get out of the club?" This seems just what I've been looking for. But as much as I'd like this wall hanging for my den I, like you, am not inclined to pay for it.

"... Maybe I should design one and charge other people for it?"

Yes, I think you should. Anything to generate revenue and as you say, there's bound to be a market for everything whether we think it's dumb or not. Just remember the Pet Rock.

GAB said...

I know I could probably flog the certificates I'm just graphically challenged and don't know how to do a lot of this kind of design stuff. It's like the "I'm a Doomer' button I wanted to get for my site but I simply don't have the skills or time to learn them. maybe I'm just lazy

Saskboy said...

It'd sell really well on eBay.

Ken Breadner said...

I don't know if a certificate will do it, you know. At least with Catholicism. Unless you're excommunicated, I think the rule is once a Catholic, always a Catholic. Rome's kind of like Scientology and alcoholism that way.

GAB said...

Ken , the funny thing is the RCs in England are honouring it, its the Church of England that won't

Anonymous said...

They're actually free of charge.

Anonymous said...

only for the download, printed versions cost $10