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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I need bigger boots

A new study claims that not only could melting glacial ice cause much higher sea level changes than earlier predicted but could also change the balance of the planet and alter the axis of rotation, who knows what mannner of chaos that will create.

The new study takes into the continental rebound that will take place as melting ice lightens the load on portions of the crust. There is also an apparent gravitational attraction from the antartic ice that pulls water towards the south poll, when it melts not only the water held in ice but the water attracted by the ice will move north. These previously ignored factors can change the estimates for sea levels from the current 5 meters to 7 meters in some areas, especially in the northern hemisphere. Washinton and Vancouver sink in the new scenerio.

Of course unless global warming is proven to promote Islam or kill the unborn, Conservatives continue to ignore all such studies.Recommend this Post

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