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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A taste of Sarah Palin’s Presidency

This is just a little Green Assassin policy prediction incase McCain should actually win and Palin accidentally pushes the geezer down the stairs of Air Force One.

Economic policy and stimulus

20 billion dollar package to turn area 51 into an alien theme park. She thinks it will create jobs and attract Mexican’s for deportation.

$100 bounty per carcass for wolves, $200 for bears, $300 for illegal’s, $500 for democrats, $1000 for black bears dressed up as democrats

A new intelligent design museum for each state.

Subsidizes to rifle manufacturers so every homeless, broke and hungry American can own one in time to fight Armageddon.

Manufacture 300 million
Jesus is coming, Look Busy T-shirts

After hyperinflation kicks in, put Pat Robertson, Tammy Faye Baker, Jim Jones and the Diebold voting machine on the new $10,000, $100,000, $1 million , $5 million dollar notes

Domestic policy

Legalize marrying your own cousin

Restructuring the GI bill so you have to serve a 4 year military term to receive free High School.

Banning interracial, interreligious, interstate, intersex and internet marriages, (just to be safe)

Insist on being called Lord Protector

Sponsoring the American Inquisition

Take a true prolife stand of banning all abortions and birth control while enforcing executions.

Empty out the Library of Congress and replace them with material from Chick Publications, this or this or even this

Foreign policy

Declaring war on somebody. There is no point saying who it will be at this point as she doesn’t know more than 4 countries and one of those is Wal-Mart.

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