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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spam, some people like it!

There has been much talk about hunger and famine in recent weeks but on the lighter, but far more sinister side of the food inflation story we find SPAM, that canned chuck of mechanically deboned and salted pig which is making a big resurgence as people try to reconcile their incomes to increasing food and energy costs. Sales are up y/y by 17% and some stores are having trouble keeping it in stock.

At under $3 for a 12 oz can, SPAM is joining the such barely food staples as RAMON noodles in a horrify attempt to not only to raise blood pressure world wide but to bring scurvy into vogue.

For those so inclined to eat SPAM either out of necessity or a dare, see their Website for the history of SPAM and links to several hundred recipes, SPAM store and fan club,?

Really have a look at the site.

otherwise enjoy this.

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1 comment:

JimBobby said...

Whooee! One of my former clients is a big Spam Fan Club member. Turned out she has the ethics of the better known spammers. She stiffed me for $2400.

We ate it as kids once in while. I never liked it much but I reckon it could work in the right recipe. I'd rather go vegetarian.