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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gagged, Ignored and Discounted

Despite the 8% showing by the Green party I once again find myself feeling empty and depressed at the end of an election. 3x growth in popular support is nothing to baulk but at the same time Frank De Jong did not get to debate the other leaders, Ontario did not get to learn that the Green Party was the only party that sides with 70% of voters on eliminating Catholic school funding and creating one secular system. TVO spent nearly 1 hour discussing faith based funding last night yet no one mentioned the Green stand even after mentioning that one public system was voters preference

Ontario did not get to discus global warming, the economy, transit at all and health was barely mentioned. Most importantly my voice and those of 8% of voters will not be heard in the legislature.

I think the low point of my evening was my inability to reach through the TV and bitch slap Olivia Chow as she smugly discounted Green Growth as Vote Parking, closely followed by Mike(Fat Fuck)Duffy stating the Greens had much farther to go before they deserved a future debate spot. I'm sure if we had won that one seat they'd write it off as "a fluke and not indicative of a trend", RAT BASTARDS the lot of them!

Gagged, Ignored and Discounted, yes Democracy is Grand!

P.S. Should you ever use google to search for an image of a gagged person, (especially while at work) don't use gag ball as a search word.... opps.Recommend this Post

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