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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ontario Election called off due to Stupidity

I feel robbed, ripped off, abused.

What the hell am I going to do from this moment until Parliament starts up again?

“Blog on the Ontario election” you might say.

Hell no. I can’t do that the election has been called off for stupidity.

The reality as I see it is: the election for all intensive purposes is over, done, a forgone conclusion because John Tory is apparently the stupidest bastard to run for office (local politics excluded, he ran there too but was not the dumbest) for decades. At the start of this campaign I did not think the man was dumb or mentally challenged but it’s becoming more obvious that John Tory would never find his way to Queen’s Park unless the SHORT BUS picked him every day. Before he really hurts himself I think his wife or keeper should make sure he always wears a helmet in public.

Now I’m all for Ontario students being given a course in comparative religion just as a way for them to learn about other cultures and perhaps learn to respect the beliefs of others but allowing Creationism or Intelligent Design to be taught in any publicly funded school is idiotic in the extreme! Our students already lag in math and science and teaching them fairy tales is not going to improve the situation.

So what’s next John Tory?

Equal time for climate change deniers

Special presentations by the Flat earth society

Having our students audited for body Thetans (Scientology Bullshit)

Perhaps you can have the biology text books rewritten to include the Snuffleupagus, Unicorn, Jackalope, Bigfoot, and Nessie.

It seems pretty obvious that Dalton has already won. I guess that means people will feel free from the pressures of strategic voting and maybe we can get a decent Green showing, of course no debate probably limits that chance, sigh…

An aside. Considering MMP will increase the chance of minority governments it seems more important than ever to vote YES. Imagine this crazy ass Tory and his Voodoo Creationists with a 4 year mandate, (shudder repeatedly)Recommend this Post

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