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Monday, August 13, 2007

Effective MPPs vs Defective logic and Cherniak

"Hold on, I'm not saying they will do no work. Quite the opposite, I'm saying they will have an unfair advantage in their ability to focus on province wide issues and talk to Queen's Park media because they won't be busy doing local constituency work."

Cherniak on why list MPPs are so evil. Apparently freeing up members so they can travel the entire Province get the big picture and become informed on what the populous wants is an insidious attempt at over throwing the Government's Nanny State prerogative of telling us what's important.

MMP equals effective list members, finally Jason says something that's correct.

If this crap is the best he can do, MMP can and will pass this fall.Recommend this Post


Scott Tribe said...

Hey GBA, your Vote Yes logo doesn't have a link back to the votemmp.ca site.

GAB said...

Yeah , I added the image only some time ago and had not gone back to find the correct code, fixed.