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Friday, May 25, 2007

Baird is a waste of skin!

So far Baird has produced a useless green plan that is pro oil and totally incapable of letting Canada achieve its Kyoto Commitments. He's also cooked the books while pricing Kyoto. Then he made a statement that he had the economy to worry about not just the environment.


He's the Environment Minister, he has no obligation to worry about anything but his own portfolio and considering the job he's doing he needs to worry about that a lot more.

His job is to meet Kyoto and not lie about the cost. His job is to focus on his portfolio and hold the biggest polluters to task.

But instead he’s gone one step further and has given Irving Oil a sweet heart exemption from environmental assessment. Irving Oil will now be allowed to build a refinery without any environmental study other than for its pier. As one of the dirties industries around, Big Oil should get no breaks

This man is a total failure as an environment minister and must go.

Then again, the whole government has proven a failure so why stop at Baird?Recommend this Post

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